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RT @moas_eu:Another year, another #MediterraneanTragedy. Our #SAR assets are more vital than ever to #savelives at sea. 
@moas_eu #SAR team are professionals who risk their life to save the innocent #Humanity 

Christopher Catrambone


Welcome to my blog, where I invite you to share my experiences of providing humanitarian assistance in remote regions and supporting people working and living in the world’s most dangerous places

14 March 2016

Troubled waters: Southeast Asia then and now

Dr Rupert Neudeck had a problem. It was 1979, and the Vietnamese refugee situation had reached crisis levels. Thousands of refugees were fleeing camps on small boats ill-suited for the open seas. Armed only with a few celebrity endorsements and connections as a German journalist, Dr Neudeck scraped together funding for a ship, the Cap Anamur, filled it with volunteer medical personnel and dispatched it to the South China Sea. The first ship was a floating hospital. Funded in bits and pieces by German…

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Dying at Europe's Doorstep - bloomberg

22 April 2016

Starting a conversation

In 2013, the Italian Navy and Coast Guard had already been working for years saving lives and collecting data about migration patterns. NGOs and EU nations already had systems in place to prevent migrant human rights abuses. After the Lampedusa tragedy, people became aware of the enormity of the Mediterranean migrant crisis, and started showing their support through donations and advocacy projects. I was one of those people. I contributed by initiating the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS). The success of MOAS Med is…

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The light in all of this darkness is that there are so many individuals and organisations dedicating themselves to saving lives.
6 April 2016

Charity vs Charity: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

In the hectic world of non-profit organisations (NGOs), fundraising is a contact sport. Resources are finite, and charities constantly compete for a little bit of not enough. But if NGOs tackled budgets like businesses, the money might go a little farther, through collaboration, information sharing and partnerships. Working together can save resources. Increase data. Expand donor bases. Streamline objectives. Strengthen results through common tactics and actions. Avoid duplicate research. Decrease costs and allocate more towards the actual cause. A small NGO working under a…

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