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Christopher Catrambone is a humanitarian, entrepreneur and adventurer from Lake Charles, Louisiana. After attending college in his hometown at McNeese State University, he owned a steamboat restaurant in the Virgin Islands, ran a political campaign in Louisiana and worked at the U. S. Congress in Washington, D.C. As an insurance investigator, he found himself employed in some of the world’s most dangerous places, including Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as violent housing projects in New Orleans.

In 2006, Catrambone founded Tangiers Group, now a leading global business specializing in insurance, emergency assistance, on-the-ground claims handling, and intelligence services. With the business growing rapidly, he moved from the United States to his ancestral home of Reggio di Calabria, Italy, where he met his wife, Regina. His company’s reach expanded to more than 100 countries. Seeking better logistics in an English-speaking country, Catrambone moved to the Republic of Malta in 2008.

Tangiers has launched innovative insurance products that specialize in providing coverage to individuals and groups living and working internationally. These include battleface, International Employee Defence, and plan b. Coverages include protection for accident and illness, kidnap and ransom, crisis response, political, medical and security evacuations. In 2012, to help serve people who live, travel and work in dangerous places, Tangiers started the OBS Advisory. Along with weekly articles, OBS includes in-depth reports, analysis and news alerts.

Inspired by 2013’s migrant tragedy in Lampedusa, Chris and Regina Catrambone founded the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) in 2014. MOAS uses its 40-metre drone-equipped ship Phoenix, along with a crew of volunteers, medical and rescue staff to alleviate the needless suffering and death of migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea. In 2014 they saved the lives of 3,000 refugees. To date, MOAS has become a global NGO, having saved more than 33,000 lives at sea.

In 2015, Tangiers acquired Osprey Insurance Brokers Ltd., Malta’s largest aviation insurance and risk management specialists. Osprey is licensed for all classes of insurance and is best known for dominating the country’s growing aviation insurance industry since 1995.

Catrambone has been profiled by Outside, VICE News, Time, Bloomberg Business, CNN Money, ABC, and a variety of other media outlets. Whether it’s business or philanthropy, Catrambone loves the adventure and challenge of tackling tough problems to help people make it through impossible situations.

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